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Why Resident Evil 6? Just Why?

December 17, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer

As many of you are aware, Resident Evil is a Series very close to my heart, but sometimes I have to be transparent with my frustrations. This doesn’t mean I don’t love this game, I’m just going to talk about some of the things I don’t like about Resident Evil 6 and some improvements that could/have been implemented as a result.

Resident Evil 6 is widely regarded as the WORST entry in the series, and for good reason. It’s main flaw is that it tries to please everyone by being the “Resident Evil to end all others”. With 4 Campaigns we follow the story of 7 Protagonists in an interwoven story arc, each attempting to satisfy the zombie lover in every kind of RE fan.

In this article, I’m mainly going to focus on Leon & Helena’s Campaign as I’ve already completed the other 3 and I think it’s the best of the 4.

MOVE LEON! – Image Captured In-Game

So having just recently replayed RE6 as Helena, a new character in the series, I’ll begin with my main gripe of RE6. This game was supposed to be the All-Star Resident Evil. That means all-singing all-dancing zombie slaying bonanza where everyone’s invited to the party! Alas, we only get 5 Character’s show up that have been in the series before: Chris, Leon, Sherry, Ada and I’ll count Hunnigan, too. ALL the other Playable Characters in this game (Helena Harper, Piers Nivans & Jake Mueller) have been made for this game and have made zero appearances in subsequent titles. Just…WHY Capcom? They had so much potential! But no! Add them to the throwaway sidekick characters pile along with the likes of Billy Coen (RE0), Parker Luciani (RERev) and Sheva Alomar (RE5).

Raid Mode somewhat alleviates this issue and while not present in RE6, gives some of these characters some much needed time in the spotlight. I’d really like to see a fully fleshed out roster of characters in an RE game, even if it was just available as other skins for existing characters. What this game does have is not one but TWO Mercenaries game modes that also don’t feature these characters. It makes me question why the developers went for a completely unrelated story in RE7 instead of fleshing out the numerous existing characters they’ve spent time & money creating. However, if they ever do decide to go the aforementioned route, it’d make for an amazing spin off title! (Revelations 3?! oh gosh golly please!)

Zombie Rave
Zombie Rave! – Image Captured In-Game

Onto some of the things that this game does specifically that annoy me. Beyond the mundane things like “AI-Controlled Partner stands in doorway and won’t move”, RE6 tries waaaaaay too hard to be an action game when it just isn’t. It throws literally crates of ammo and hundreds of enemies at you as bullet fodder and takes away the resource management and “Survival” element away from the series. Put it this way, there are more zombies in Chapter 5 of Leon’s Campaign than in the first 2 games COMBINED. Granted, ok, the tech at the time probably didn’t let them even begin to render that many enemies but still, you get my point.

Another thing that bothers me is that RE6 feels like RE5 2. Enemies are Recycled and not very memorable, even down to the kukri zombies and chainsaw enemy. Look at the Scagdeads from ReRev in comparison! Now THAT is a Scary Boy! Recycling enemies can be a good thing to do when done well, however. Look at the Ndesu in RE5 and how it resembles RE4’s El Gigante? That is how you do it Capcom! RE6 has none of that! Again it tried to go all out and fell flat trying to be different!

Khukri Zombie
Kukri Zombies? LAME! – Image Captured In-Game

Let’s talk about weapons shall we? This is one of the few things I think RE6 did really well, the weapon switching was fluid and innovative to the player. You can tell it was optimized for action rather than survival horror but in crucial moments having a good inventory system can mean life or death so this game gets praise here for paving the way for RERev2 and RE7’s Directional Inventory. The weapons themselves are mostly very nice to handle, nothing too clunky outside of Ada’s Crossbow. Quick Shots are an action thing, I’d appreciate them in Raid Mode or Merc. Mode but it feels out of place in survival horror.

In a lot of locations, RE6 feels very rushed and we end up with a lot of wasted space, in the cathedral of Leon’s campaign, we find a chest in a corner of an otherwise empty room containing a key item for progression. Where are the Puzzles? The Traps? This area was already set up as a sort of safe zone, so use your slowed pacing to allow the player to engage brain and solve some enigmatic contraption instead of just plonking it in a box a mere room away.

Wasted Space
Aforementioned Offending Box – Image Captured In-Game

All in all I feel like Re6 in and of itself is a great game, but it deviates too much from what makes resident evil great. Survival Horror, Resource Management and Top Class One Liners and Puns are what makes me adore this series and I think Capcom are slowly learning this is what the fans want. We love the Action too! Don’t get us wrong, but save it for Extra Modes. Merc/Raid Mode get played just as much as the main story that way and there’s STILL something for everyone. Support from RE.NET makes all the latest RE Titles exciting but for me there’s no point in story without raid and vice versa.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little rant, I’m so passionate about this series and I really just want it to be realized in the best way possible. I’ve even gone ahead and signed up to the Resident Evil Ambassador Program. When you sign up you get early access goodies and a Virtual Badge to show you’re repping the team. Here’s Mine:

It’s Nerdy as all hell but if you’re interested be sure to check it out at ResidentEvil.net

Thanks for Reading!

3 thoughts on “Why Resident Evil 6? Just Why?

    1. Aww It’s ok, I understand it’s not for everyone. I grew up with RE and Capcom games as a whole so it’s kinda childhood nostalgia for me. If you get the chance though I can highly recommend Revelations 2 or the RE2 Remake comes out in Jan 😛
      Failing that, if you’re on steam I’m more than happy to play RE5 with you 🙂

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