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VGC Day 9 – What Game Series Will You Never Play?

March 9, 2019 by Josh | JustASorcerer

Hey guys! So this entry to the video game challenge might prove a bit controversial, but this is my challenge so I’m gonna give my opinion!

Here’s a link back to the master list of questions and blog links: 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 9- What game series will you never play?

Final Fantasy

I know…I know…it’s iconic and amazing and I’ll probably never play it… there’s something about final fantasy that just doesn’t do it for me. It’s never interested me and the gameplay I have seen of it looks so flashy and OTT. That’s coming from a monster hunter fan, too!

In all honesty I have tried FFXIV, and for a while I was into it. But it very quickly went from a fantasy RPG to sci-fi madness and I felt like the game wasn’t as enjoyable. So perhaps I’m biased as the little exposure I have had to the series wasn’t great.

What are your thoughts? Am I wrong in my ways? Convince me otherwise I’m the comments! Cheers for reading!

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