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VGC Day 3 – Who or What is your Favourite Character?

March 3, 2019 by Josh | JustASorcerer

Greetings friends! Day 3 of the video game challenge!

Here is a link back to the master list of questions and blog links: 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 3 – Who or what is your favourite character?

BARRY BURTON – Resident Evil

Barry hit a soft spot for me being a less than spotlight character way back in the first Resident Evil. He has some of the series most infamous phrases including “You were almost a Jill Sandwich” and “I think you, the Master of Unlocking, would make better use of it.” Barry’s story and relationships with his team and daughter, Moira, are so wholesome to me.

I just really admire Barry as a father figure and all-around good person. Barry is a Weapons Specialist, a true Gun Nut and will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about. Even crossing his friends to protect his family. Plus his signature weapon, the Colt Magnum Python is totally badass! To be honest I can’t justify why I love Barry so much it’s just nerd reasons ok!

Anywho, that’s enough of my ceaseless fanboying. Tune in tomorrow for the next part of the challenge! Cheers for reading!

3 thoughts on “VGC Day 3 – Who or What is your Favourite Character?

  1. Good luck with the challenge! With how busy my life is, I would find blogging to be exhausting to do every single day. I never really played Resident Evil all that much, but since some of the games have been remastered, I may go back to the series.

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