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VGC Day 10 – What Game Destroyed You Emotionally?

March 10, 2019 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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Have you ever had an experience where a game hits a bit close to home or really makes you think about life? I’m gonna talk about my experience in this part of the video game challenge.

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Day 10 – What game destroyed you emotionally?

The Beginner’s Guide – PC

This game actually reduced me to a weeping mess as I went through it. The game comes from the same person that made The Stanley Parable and follows a similar style of walking through environments with someone narrating over the top.

The game talks about the process of creating games and brings to light how people sometimes hurt others despite their best intentions. The game reminds us not to assume anything and it hit me like a truck. This game isn’t for a lot of people but it’s an experience I can recommend just for having experienced it. Whether it affects you or not.

Do you guys have any games that made you emotional? If you feel comfortable doing so please share your thoughts in the comments. Cheers for reading.

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