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Magic: the Gathering – EDH/Commander Deck – Custom Deck (Nyxborn Tribal) (W/U/G)


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Magic the Gathering – Commander/EDH Deck – Nyxborn Tribal (WUG).

Selling a deck that revolves around Theros Gods and bashing face with enchantment creatures.
Includes deckbox and various dice.

Kestia & the Bant Pantheon

The idea for this deck is to get maximum value out of Kestia’s ability, drawing cards from attacking with enchantment creatures, and generally bashing face. It’s got a few options/methods of doing so, we run all 9 theros gods in our colours(Heliod, Thassa, Nylea, Ephara, Kruphix & Karametra) including the new Beyond Death ones as large indestructible creatures with upside. There are also a fair few creatures with bestow effects including Kestia herself if you need to switch to a more voltron playstyle. The deck is somewhat light on removal, though the sheer amount of card advantage this deck has with almost half of the deck being enchantment creatures should keep you sitting pretty after a board wipe. There’s also plenty of enchantment recursion should you need to get something back from the graveyard. The deck has so many generic value cards in commander that happen to be enchantment creatures so it all comes together to help you hopefully win a few games.

Some interesting combos include:

Gift of Immortality + Sun Titan = makes one very difficult to kill sun titan

Horizon Chimera + Kestia, the Cultivator = lifegain & card draw every time you attack and a nice 7/6 Flying Trampler.

Courser of Kruphix + Dryad of the Ilysian Grove = Lifegain, extra lands, mana fixing and enchantments all in a nice package.

Nylea’s Colossus + Protean Thaumaturge = Power/Toughness doubling will get out of control!

Enigmatic Incarnation + Gift of Immortality = repeatable sack and search at the end of every turn!


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