Tuesday 17th May 2022


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Desktop Microphone USB (LED RGB) with Equalizer




Desktop Capacitive USB Sound Card RGB Microphone Computer with Speaker Noise Reduction 360° Rotate HD Receiver for Gaming Live Video
Noise reduction microphone core, accurate sound field positioning, lossless transmission.
Built in 360 ° omnidirectional matrix array microphone core, sensitivity up to – 36 ± 2dB, no need to be close to the microphone, your low voice can also be clearly conveyed.
Metal gooseneck hose design, you can adjust the angle according to your needs, in order to achieve better pickup effect.
Colorful RGB breathing lights bring cool visual effects.
Built in powerful, professional audio master analysis chip, low noise, low distortion.
Plug and play, wide compatibility, compatible with the current mainstream game voice, network broadcasting, computer dedicated electronic competition microphone.

Directivity: omnidirectional
Sensitivity: – 36 ± 2dB
Frequency range: 100-10KHZ
Impedance: 2.2k Ω
Interface: Aux/USB
Line length: 1.5m
Working voltage: 5V
Size: 13 * 12.3 * 10cm


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