Tuesday 17th May 2022


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PS5 Twin Controller Charger


Input interface: USB Type C
Controller charging method: USB Type C connector
Input voltage: DC 5V
Input current: 1500mA
Controller charging current: 500mA
Charging time: 3~4 Hour
USB A output port: DC 5V<1000mA
Applicable model: for PS5 wireless controller
Product size: 176*60*54mm/6.93*2.36*2.13″


PS5 Controller Charger Dual USB C Charging Dock Station Stand with USB A Output Port for PlayStation 5 DualSense Accessories
1. Easy and smooth charging and unplugging; simple and convenient operation.
2. Current limit, voltage limit, over current, low voltage, high voltage, and short circuit protection.
3. USB DC power supply, you can charge your controller with the USB C plug and charge your phone with the USB A output port anytime and anywhere.
4. The product is designed with built-in hardware overvoltage protection, and the max input voltage reaches 30V, so no afraid of burning the device.
5. The product has built-in hardware 6.8V overvoltage protection and 2.07A overcurrent protection.
6. With charging and full charge indication function, to ensure that your controller has enough power, so that you can play games without worrying about battery life.
7. Support charging up to 2 controllers at the same time.
8. When the product is charging 2 controllers, if the current exceeds 1A, the output of the USB A port is turned off, and the controller charging is given priority; when the current is lower than 1A, the output of the USB A port is restored.


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