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PS5 Controller Keyboard



3.5mm Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth-compatible 3.0 Controller Chat Pad for Sony PS5 Gamepad Mount Mini Keypad
1. For PS5 handle Bluetooth-compatible keyboard is ergonomically designed to enhance the gaming experience.
2. Complete PS5 QWERTY keyboard and voice chat board for messaging and chatting.
3. The built-in speaker allows users to listen to all chat audio directly from the keyboard without using headphones; you can also disable this function in for PS5 settings menu and use external headphones.
4. Easy to install without installing other software, Bluetooth-compatible connection, more convenient to control.
5. ABS material, firm and reliable.

Model: JYS-P5121
Material: ABS
Bluetooth: Bluetooth-compatible 3.0
Battery Capacity: 500mA
Charging Interface: TYPE-C
Product Size: 170 X 70 X 36.5mm/6.69 X 2.76 X 1.44″
Packing Size: 180 X 80 X 46.5mm/7.09 X 3.15 X 1.83″

Connection Instructions:
1. Connect the keyboard to for PS5 handle through the 3.5mm interface of the handle.
2. Turn on for PS5 console and for PS5 controller.
3. Start the keyboard through the keyboard’s switch key — the blue LED indicator light will light up.
4. Press and hold the pairing button on the keyboard for 3 seconds to start pairing the device, the indicator light will flash quickly until the pairing is finished.
5. For PS5 host, enter Settings – Peripherals – Bluetooth-compatible Accessories.
6. Find the Bluetooth-compatible device name of JYS Bluetooth-compatible Keyboard and select to pair.
7. Enter the password provided by the host and select it to pair with the handle.


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