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Review: A Whole New World of Monsters?!

October 10, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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Monster Hunter: World Review

Platforms Released on: PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4
Platform Reviewed on: PC
Release Date: January 26th 2018 (Xbox One & Playstation 4) August 9th 2018 (PC)
Review Date: October 2018

Ok folks! It’s been a long time coming but with over 200 hours finally invested into Monster Hunter: World it’s time to pop it under the spotlight and talk about it!

As mentioned in my 5 Ways to Play article, I’m a long time fan of Monster Hunter as a series, having played since MH1 on the PS2 way back when. I’ve played every western iteration of monster hunter since then, so I like to think of myself as a series veteran.


So let’s dive right in at the obvious, compared to other MH Titles, the graphic overhaul for World is nothing short of PHENOMENAL. We’re seeing effects and textures of monsters and weapons never before seen or even dreamed of. Embers of flames and crystals of ice never looked so crisp and believable. Monsters look absolutely gorgeous and the environments we find them in are breathtaking.

However, that being said I didn’t sign up to monster hunter on the premise i was gonna be able to see every spec and scale in Ultra HD, I signed up to hunt! The first major element of World I want to talk about is the roster of monsters. By that I mean how many different large monsters do we have available in this title compared to previous ones. It must be said, World is actually pretty lackluster compared to some older titles. with only 7 additional large monsters from the first monster hunter game on PS2! 15 years of MH to add 7 monsters? I wont use the word lazy because more monsters are being added with monthly updates all the time. I just wish we could have known. The other major gripe I have with World is all the monsters with few exceptions (Kirin) have only one of 4 skeletons. Dinosaur, Lizard, Wyvern or Dragon. In previous titles we’ve had Apes, Giant insects, and even a Giant Cuttlefish! I wish there was more variety in monsters. Now I understand that it takes time and a lot of effort to port monsters into the new engine so maybe we’ll see a World: Ultimate with these? Who knows?

All that being said, there are a lot of good new monsters in world as well as some old favourites, Nergigante being among the most difficult fights in world for new players. He’s very well designed, feels real and as powerful as the lore in-game makes him out to be.


Now we’ve talked about monsters, lets talk hunters, specifically weapons. Again, one of my big gripes with World is the huge lack of weapon variety. For example, as a HUGE fan of hunting horn one of the main appeals for me was each horn was a different instrument depending on the monster it was made from in previous games. While that is the case for a few monsters in World, the majority is X monster bits taped to standard bone horn or bagpipes. It’s just not visually appealing. Again, i know it’s a lot of work to port these things but come on Capcom! You can do better than this!

Having said that, one of the things they did do better with weapons this time around was making the weapons feel great to use. Greatsword by way of example really has the HEFT of the thing built into it, same with heavy bowgun and other heavy, slow weapons, you feel the power behind them. I’m a really big fan of that as nothing beats giving a monster a major concussion. Faster weapons like longsword and dual blades really feel fluid in motion and all the weapons have massive appeal. There really is a sense of players pick something that works for them and then work with that. Every weapon type in this game is viable and effective so they’ve done a really good job with balancing weapon power.


The other aspect to hunters is of course their armor. I feel like armor was done really well in this as the skill system of previous games has been reworked and simplified so it’s much more accessible and understandable by players new and old alike. One thing I will say is a lot of the late game monster armor’s totally outclass anything in early game to the point that early game monsters become completely irrelevant towards the end. I feel like if a G-Rank was ever implemented into world they could capitalize on it by giving the earlier armors completely new skills and really shake things up a bit.

Something I really love about World is how the event and bounty systems encourage you to do certain things at different times of the week for specific rewards. It encourages regular players with something outside of the usual gripe to do to keep them entertained. Event quests give better rewards than the average quest or give players something unusual or difficult to do. I personally enjoyed the fight with an over sized kulu ya-ku for a unique piece of headgear.

Most intense fight in Monster Hunter ever!

A really big thing for a lot of my friends who play monster hunter is the huge difficulty jump at the end of high rank with Nergigante. Some of my friends have actually stopped playing because they can’t get past him without being one hit killed. It’s not even so much that they’re bad players, Nergi is actually just that difficult at that point in the game. Some MH veterans would see this as a good thing to “Separate the men from the boys” as it were. But I look at it as narrowing the available player base for late/end game content as there are fight later on that are easier than Nergigante but difficult solo where having more players makes the fight trivial. A developmental oversight or intended feature?

It may seem as though I have only negative things to say about World but i can honestly say it’s become my favourite Monster hunter, something about it just draws me more than the other have. Whether it’s the Pets, Weapon changes, New monsters, New environments. I really can’t pinpoint what it is about World that I enjoy the most.

Ok, I lied… It’s THIS!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts on MH: World! It really is an experience any fan of the series shouldn’t miss but as always I’m an advocate of knowing what you’re getting yourself into! With a hefty £50 price tag on Steam I can say maybe it’s worth waiting for the sales. Definitely worth your money though because you can easily get 100 hours out of it.

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