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Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Raid Mode Best Weapons & Skills

December 10, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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Henlo friends! Keeping to the recent theme of RE content, I decided to put together a little Weapons/skills guide regarding Resident Evil Revelations 2 (RER2)’s Raid Mode.

This guide assumes you know the weapons available and what weapon parts do. I’ll give an example of the weapon I use.


Skills enable a few different play styles within Raid Mode in addition to the many weapon choices. Here are a few combinations to try out.

#1 – Bottle Bonanza!

  • Bottle Hurler
  • Stuck on You
  • Grenade Mastery

#2 – Knife Party!

  • Savour the Moment
  • Melee Mastery
  • Samurai Sword
  • Powering Up

#3 – Tank!

  • Shield
  • Armor Up!
  • Health Boost

#4 – Inhuman Reflexes!

  • Can’t Catch Me
  • Evade Extension
  • Evade Cancel
  • Auto Evade

#5 – Duck if you love life!

  • Crouch Power
  • Crouch Dodge

Standard Setup:

If you’re just starting out Raid Mode then chances are you won’t have many skills so here are some skills to aim for and avoid:


  • Health Up
  • Magic Pixel
  • (Insert Weapon) Mastery
  • Scavenger
  • Crouch Power
  • Shield


  • Quick Heal
  • Herb Storage Up

Weapons + Mods

Be sure to equip the best level of mod you have available, and remember as you level up and acquire the weapon you want at a higher level to destroy the lower level weapon to collect, upgrade and then re-install the part on the new, higher level weapon.


Generally at higher levels you either want to be using the Samurai Edge or the Triple Shot if you have Handgun Mastery maxed out.


Lv. 95 Samurai Edge (Steady Shot) – 6 Slot

  1. S.T.A.R.S.
  2. Damage
  3. Critical Hit
  4. Charge Shot A
  5. BSAA
  6. Quick Load

Machine Pistols:

From what I’ve found the only major use for machine pistols is burn damage. With monstrously high fire rate, even with low occurrence fire damage will stack and melt even shielded enemies really fast.


Lv. 95 MP-AF (Speed Load) 5-Slot

  1. Homing Ammo
  2. Anti-Recoil
  3. Fire Ammo
  4. Extended Burn
  5. BSAA


I think the Drake was actually made for close range Fire Damage, it’s just so strong. Double Barrel shotgun does some beastly damage too, pair it with Final Shot for increased damage 50% of the time!


Lv. 95 Shotgun M147S (Short Range+) 4-Slot

  1. Close Range
  2. Damage
  3. Critical Hit
  4. Final Shot

Assault Rifles:

Very similar to Machine Pistols with one crucial difference, Piercing. Assault rifles are meant for crowd control.


Lv. 95 Assault Rifle NSR47 (Steady Shot) 5-Slot

  1. Anti-Recoil
  2. Homing Ammo
  3. Piercing
  4. Damage
  5. Quick Load

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper Rifles are arguably the strongest weapons in Raid Mode, with the Anti-Material Rifle outperforming even some Magnums in firepower.


Lv. 95 Rifle M1891/30 (Long Range+) 6-Slot

  1. Firing Rate
  2. Quick Load
  3. Ice Ammo
  4. Frostbite
  5. Long Range
  6. BSAA


My favourite weapons, high damage, big hit stun. Even boss enemies flinch to these things, and they come with built-in piercing.


Lv. 95 Magnum Python (Steady Shot) 6-Slot

  1. S.T.A.R.S.
  2. Damage
  3. Critical Hit
  4. Charge Shot C
  5. Close Range
  6. Elite Killer


If you have access to LV.100 Weapons then here is the setup you should aim for:

Ideally either a Rifle or Magnum with 5 or 6 Slots, be sure to put all LV100 upgrade beyond limits into Capacity. I know firepower seems like a better choice but with full burst you can put more bullets in an enemy faster with capacity.

  1. Damage
  2. Fire Damage
  3. Homing Ammo
  4. Full Burst
  5. Capacity
  6. BSAA (Optional)

Pair this with Evade Cancel and the relevant weapon mastery skills and you have an auto-aiming, full auto magnum or rifle with stupid high damage potential.


Thanks for reading guys, I know this one’s kinda short, there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility with builds in this game but it’s still fantastic.

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