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Resident Evil 2 – Codes and Puzzle Solutions

February 19, 2019 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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Hey guys, I figured I’d upload my notes from when I was playing RE2. It’s helpful if you’re low on resources or trying to beat a harder difficulty to know what you’re doing in advance.

Portable Safes:

Portable Safe Codes are randomised. I usually solve them by assigning each light a number from 1 to 8 and then press each button to see which light lights up.

Padlock Codes (Both Scenarios)

Leon’s Desk Padlock Codes:

Left: N-E-D Right: M-R-G

Leon:Extended Mag (Matilda)

Claire:Speed Loader (SLS 60)

Shower Room Padlock Code:


Leon:Shotgun Shells

Claire:Flame Rounds

3rd Floor West Side Padlock Code:


Leon:Magnum Rounds

Claire:Submachine Gun ammo

Upper Sewer Padlock Code:




Safe Codes (Both Scenarios)

My formatting for these puzzle solutions is slightly different from what is shown in game. For example, >5 means move the dial right until you reach 5.

West Office 1F: >9, <10, >1

Both:Hip Pouch

East Waiting Room 2F: >6, <4, >15

Leon: Muzzle Brake (Matilda)

Claire: Extended Mag (JMB HP3)

Upper Sewer: >2, <5, >13

Leon:Full Stock (W-870)

Claire: Hip Pouch

Statue Combinations (B Scenarios)

Lion Statue-Crown/Flame/Dove

Unicorn Statue-Children/Scales/Snake

Maiden Statue-Ram/Harp/Bird

Chess Plug Solutions

Imagine you’re looking at the room from the top down.

A Scenario:

|Door | Bishop>Rook>Knight

|                                               |Desk

|          | Pawn<Queen<King

B Scenario:

|Door | Queen>Bishop>King

|                                                  |Desk

|           | Pawn<Rook<Knight

Plant 43 Greenhouse Codes

For this solution, imagine a standard keypad instead of the symbols in-game.


Hatch:3123 Machine:2067


Hatch:2048 Machine:5831

UMB-21 Synthesis Puzzle


R=Red B=Blue G=Green







Hope this is helpful to some people, a like is always super appreciated as always! Let me know if I can add anything in the comments! Cheers guys!

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