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Redfield and the Molded – Not A Hero DLC

November 27, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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RE7 got a fair amount of DLC but the main one in my eyes was the heavily teased and much delayed release of Not A Hero (Heretofore referred to as NAH).

——————SPOILER ALERT!——————-

After completing the main campaign, Ethan Winters gets picked up by helicopter and hauled away by a man who introduces himself by the name of Redfield.

This is none other than Chris “Boulder Puncher” Redfield, one of the protagonists of RE1, RE5, RE Revelations and RE6. He is well established in RE Lore, having been involved in multiple incidents of bio-terrorism. He now works for the Umbrella Corporation under a new logo. Umbrella, to those who aren’t familiar, are responsible for the T-Virus outbreak in the Arklay Mountains (RE1+RE0) and the entire Raccoon City Incident (RE2+RE3). Having been reformed however, under the new “blue umbrella” logo, it’s goals have changed to try and right some of it’s past wrongdoings. Why the developers didn’t just choose for him to be part of the BSAA I don’t know, it feels like further complication of the storyline that’s not needed. Could it be foreshadowing for blue umbrella’s uprising in RE8? Who knows?

After having watched the credits, we are greeted by a still picture of Chris and we get teased at NAH’s release in spring 2017.

Now, I finished RE7 around March 2017, so seeing this was a long wait but I was hungry for answers. Thus far, RE7 has very little to do with the rest of the RE storyline. So I’m very very curious to see what Chris is here for? Mid-2017 rolls around, we get an update from Capcom themselves saying something along the lines of “look guys, confession time, it’s not ready”. They told us NAH didn’t meet the same quality standard that the rest of the game did, and they needed more time. So they gave us a new release date of Winter of 2017. I was heartbroken and in December when they finally released it, I was giddy with excitement!

Actual gameplay begins in the start of the salt mine area towards the end of the main campaign. Chris is tasked with tracking down Lucas Baker and bringing him into custody. It is revealed quite late into the main campaign through files that Lucas has been sending data on E-001 (Eveline) to some unknown company called The Connections. Chris is here to put a stop to it once and for all.

I have to confess immediately, I loved this DLC. When you play as Ethan you really get the sense of him being this untrained random guy just trying to survive. Chris however, is an absolute veteran. The Molded are terrifying even by RE Standards, but Chris is unfazed and is even ballsy enough to punch them in the mouth! Chris is also armed to the teeth with the Albert-01 Handgun, a Survival Knife and a Semi-Automatic Shotgun called Thor’s Hammer (or Albert-02). Again, Chris’s dlc makes you feel like a soldier tasked with cleanup. You’re not surviving anymore, you’re here to kick ass and take names.

Chris encounters all the usual enemies in this dlc as well as two new types including a boss! Turns out Lucas was doing his own experiments with Evie’s data. He manages to create a type of White Molded that is completely immune to conventional weaponry thanks to further increased regeneration. These are called Fumers (codename WM-002) by the wiki due to the white smoke seen enveloping them, they are taller than regular black Molded but otherwise are very similar in behaviour. The other Boss version of these guys is called Mama Mold (codename WM-001), which is essentially the white, bullet immune equivalent of Fat Molded.

Fumer in the Catacombs – Image from RE Fandom Wiki

The only way to take these guys down is with handgun ammo provided exclusively in this dlc called RAMROD (Rapid-Acting-Mycetotoxic-Rounds) ammo. They basically stop the hyper regenerative effects white Molded have and can kill Fumers in a single shot.

As if near-immortal enemies was bad enough, Chris also has to deal with Lucas and his bag of sadistic, messed up tricks. The whole mine is rigged with turrets, tripwires and nerve gas traps, not to mention the explosive collars and bracelets Lucas straps to Chris and his team members. The mind games Lucas plays with Chris are just as twisted and evil as depicted with Ethan and Clancy in the main campaign.

When Chris finally catches up with Lucas the ensuing fight really takes me back to the old Tyrant fights of older games. But that’s the only spoiler I’ll be giving on that!

Not A Hero finishes up with Chris walking out into the sunlight after lamenting that the Bakers were beyond saving. Just another day in the office for Chris? Or is this the start of something much more dreadful?

What are your thoughts on Not A Hero? Personally I loved being able to straight up punch Molded after running scared for my life on madhouse mode. Let me know what you think with a comment and as always a like is super appreciated! Cheers for reading!

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