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Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne Reveal!

December 11, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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New Armors & Weapons! – Image found on Monsterhunter.com

Yesterday, Capcom announced our first look at an official Dlc for Monster Hunter: World! Iceborne! ❄️

One of the big differences between world and every other monster hunter was lack of a Snowy map. And while not explicitly shown, I’d have to make a wager that we’re getting one, which means more Ice-monsters outside of Legiana! Hurrah!

Now, onto what the trailer actually shows us! The promotional image above shows us 4 hunters, I have some personal speculation as to what each is wearing:

Far Left: Barioth Armor, We have pretty clear confirmation in the trailer that Nargacuga is in Iceborne, Barioth & Nargacuga share the same Skeleton so it’s fair to assume it’s Barioth.

2nd from Left: Looks like a new Anjanath Armor, based on the reddish scales with brown fur.

2nd from Right: Here’s the one that I’m most excited about: it’s either a completely new monster, or…it’s Gammoth. Based on the Nordic design and the pure white fur.

Far Right: Best guess from me is new Great Girros Armor. The LBG looks like a new Tobi-Kadachi Weapon.

The trailer tells us we have a new quest rank to go on, which, if it follows other MH games, is most probably G-Rank. I have some thoughts on this:

I’ve reached G-rank at least in every other MH game, MH world is by far the most difficult of any of them. PC Players are just now getting a taste of Arch-Tempered monsters, G-Rank is going to be an absolute nightmare.

The trailer also mentioned new moves, perhaps that means we’ll be getting some Hunter Arts with Iceborne and I am 100% on board with that.

We have a ballpark release date of August 2019, I really have high hopes for this, and I’ll most definitely be revisiting MH: World to kit out my arsenal of weapons to tackle whatever Iceborne has to offer!

What are your thoughts on Iceborne? Let me know with a comment either here or on Facebook! As always a like is super appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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