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Joe & Zoe’s Swamp Adventure – End of Zoe DLC

January 14, 2019 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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The other main expansion for Resident Evil 7 ties up the loose ends the main game left behind and canonizes the ending for the events of the game.

——-!!!——–SPOLIER ALERT——!!!——

This expansion puts us in the control of main-game antagonist Jack Baker’s older brother, Joe Baker. Seemingly unaffected by the influence of the Bioweapon E-001 (Eveline) Joe stumbles upon the freshly mutating body of Zoe Baker (His Niece) being examined and relocated by two members of Blue-Umbrella. We learn later on that Zoe has been surviving the nightmare for weeks since eveline’s death and fending off the molded in the swamp before eventually being calcified.

Joe’s own little slice of Swamp – Image found on Fandom.wikia

End of Zoe makes the Molded feel like an absolute joke, if the face-punching was fun in the Not A Hero dlc, this is on another level. Joe has no weapons from the get go and must punch, kick and stomp his way through the dulvey swamp. Munching critters for health in true survivalist style, joe finds various items under rocks, inside trees and logs and on walls throughout the adventure.

One of the key things to look out for while playing as joe is boxer effigies. These strange voodoo dolls magically boost joes punching power and they stack with each other. With the Champion effigies boosting even more.

I won’t spoil too much but the ending is both intense and heart warming for Joe and Zoey as they’re taken under the protection of Blue Umbrella and Chris Redfield himself.

Maybe Joe would make an appearance as a new BSAA member in a later RE title? Who knows! Either way this Dlc rounds out Resident Evil 7 very nicely and is a wonderful finale.


I hope you all enjoyed reading my thoughts on End of Zoe. I’ll be covering RE2 content very soon! Cheers for reading!

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