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Fallout 4 Build – The Old Western

July 15, 2019 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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The Old Western

If you like cowboys and high-power handguns then this is the build for you! You can pull off some Red Dead Level gunplay with the right perks.

You become the king of V.A.T.S. with this build, each hit rapidly or completely filling your multiple critical meters to fire off at will, with all ranks of Gun-Fu, your V.A.T.S. hits on the fourth target and beyond will automatically be critical hits. So say you find yourself in a 5-on-1 scenario, enter VATS with the Pistol of your choice, line up headshots on all your targets, then let the deadeye style gunplay unfold, force the first 3 shots to be criticals you’ve saved up with critical banker, then any subsequent shots will be automatic Critical hits, which when combined with Calibrated receivers and lucky weapons that do double critical damage on top of Better Criticals boosting all that damage, you’ll slaughter anything in your path. On top of that, if for some reason anyone is left standing, Grim reaper’s sprint should activate, topping you up with action points and filling a critical meter for you to start all over again. You’ve reached Critical Max!


The Cowboy used to run with a gang of thugs back when nuclear fire hadn’t scorched the earth, being neither smart or strong at school, he was a crack shot with rubber bands. Often snapping them with scary accuracy from across the classroom at the teachers and professors he didn’t like. He got mixed in with a bad crowd with his poor behavior. During school he developed a crush on his future wife, Nora, and he quit the gang life when he got called to serve his country in the US Army. His Commanding Officer noticed his accuracy with pistols and rifles early on, and he trained the cowboy in a variety of Old Western style weapons, as these were the cowboy’s favourites. After a long few years of army service, the cowboy decided to settle down with nora and baby shaun was conceived. Alas, that fateful October day of 2077 changed everything for the cowboy, and He began life anew in the wasteland.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats:

(Early Game)

  • Strength:1
  • Perception:1
  • Endurance:1
  • Charisma:2 then 3 (You’re SPECIAL! Book)
  • Intelligence:3
  • Agility:10
  • Luck:10

(End Game)

  • Strength:2
  • Perception:2
  • Endurance:2
  • Charisma:4
  • Intelligence:4
  • Agility:11
  • Luck:11

Perk Breakdown: 

Levels 1-50:

  1. Gunslinger I
  2. Critical Banker I
  3. Grim Reaper’s Sprint I
  4. Gun Fu I
  5. Quick Hands
  6. Gun Nut I
  7. Gunslinger II
  8. Better Criticals I
  9. Rifleman I
  10. Rifleman II
  11. Four Leaf Clover I
  12. Action Boy/Girl I
  13. Gun Nut II
  14. Four Leaf Clover II
  15. Gunslinger III
  16. Better Criticals II
  17. Critical Banker II
  18. Rifleman III
  19. Grim Reaper’s Sprint II
  20. Action Boy/Girl II
  21. Mysterious Stranger I
  22. Mysterious Stranger II
  23. Medic I
  24. Medic II
  25. Gun Nut III
  26. Gun Fu II
  27. Gunslinger IV
  28. Quick Hands II
  29. Ricochet I
  30. Ricochet II
  31. Rifleman IV
  32. Four Leaf Clover III
  33. Medic III
  34. Bloody Mess I
  35. Bloody Mess II
  36. Bloody Mess III
  37. *Save Perk Point*
  38. Action Boy/Girl III
  39. Gun Nut IV
  40. Quick Hands III+Better Criticals III
  41. Mysterious Stranger III
  42. Gunslinger V
  43. Critical Banker III
  44. *Save Perk Point*
  45. *Save Perk Point*
  46. Rifleman V+Grim Reaper’s Sprint III
  47. Bloody Mess IV
  48. Four Leaf Clover IV
  49. Mysterious Stranger IV
  50. Critical Banker IV+Gun Fu III

Suggested Weapons: 

(Early Game – Levels 1-20)

Pipe Revolver Pistol (Calibrated Receiver, Long Barrel, Comfort Grip)

Double Barrel Shotgun (Calibrated Receiver, Sawed-off Barrel)

(Mid Game – Levels 21-40)

.44 Pistol (*Kellogg’s Pistol)(Advanced Receiver, Bull Barrel, Comfort Grip) *Special Effect: Critical Strikes refill Action Points

Lever-Action Rifle (*Lucky Eddy)(Powerful Calibrated Reciever, Long Ported Barrel, Marksman’s Stock, Glow Sights) *Special Effect: +2 Luck

(End Game – Level 41+)

*Lucky Western Revolver (Advanced Receiver, Long Barrel, Sharpshooter’s Grip) *Special Effect: Critical Strikes do double damage and fills the critical meter twice as fast.

Suggested Armor: 

(Early Game)

Drifter Outfit and Militia Hat or Minutemen Hat

(Mid Game)

Cage Armor and Cowboy Hat (+1 Endurance)

(End Game)

MacCready’s Duster(Ballistic Weave) (+1 Agility) and Cowboy Hat (+1 Endurance)


Cait – Works well with her Double-Barrel Shotgun and her Perk “Trigger Rush” can be handy in a pinch. Outfit her in the same Drifter outfit and cowboy hat.

Dogmeat – Always a helpful canine companion, you’ll have the charisma for Attack Dog too by the end of the game if you wish to use it.

None (Lone Wanderer) – Going Solo might be as good an option for this character, as it increases your relatively low Damage Resistance.

Key Quests/To-Do List:

  • Collect all the Guns ‘n’ Bullets Magazines.
  • Free Cait from the Combat Zone and get her fixed up.
  • Follow The Railroad Questline to finish the main story.
  • Finish Far Harbour helping the Harbour.
  • Finish Nuka-World and spend as much time as possible clearing out Dry Rock Gulch.
  • Opt to Kill all Raiders.


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