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Back 4 Blood Beta – All Cards

August 10, 2021 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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Back 4 Blood recently launched it’s closed beta and I was lucky enough to get a code and have a play around with the game. Back 4 Blood is a First Person Zombie Shooter created by Turtle Rock Studios (the creators of the Left4Dead series). The game does feel like a spiritual successor to left4dead but the developers have added a few tweaks to make things interesting. Namely, the card system we’ll be talking about today.

The Game has a deckbuilding system and lets you build a deck of 15 cards that give your character buffs (and sometimes debuffs) to help you tackle the hordes of The Ridden and survive hopefully until the end of your run.

First I’ll go over the list of available cards for deckbuilding and then some deck suggestions for specific playstyles. Enjoy!

Back 4 Blood - Reflex Cards

Back 4 Blood - Discipline Cards

Back 4 Blood - Brawn Cards

Back 4 Blood - Fortune Cards

Deckbuilding Suggestions:

Team Medic

A medic’s job is to keep the team topped up with health so they can focus on dealing as much damage as then can, a good medic can carry a whole team if played correctly. Ideally we’d play this build as Doc for her increased healing efficiency but in the beta we don’t have access to her. Instead, you can run this deck as Mom so you can carry an additional support item and give the team an extra life.

This deck means you can find and carry as many First Aids or Bandages as possible and you and your team gets the most out of them, too. You also get massively boosted revive speed so you can get buddies back in the fight even sooner. Using rousing speech means losing access to grenades and Molotov cocktails, however I’ve found myself only rarely using these in my runs anyway. You can swap it out for Smelling Salts (+50% Revive Speed) if you don’t want to lose your grenades.

Note: Where possible, try and pick up the Team Support Upgrade and Team Support Capacity Cards from the shop at the start of each level, as this will further upgrade your First Aids and the amount you can carry.

Cumulative Perks:

+90% Healing efficiency, +250% Revive Speed, +3 Support Inventory.

Firearms Expert

This deck makes any and all firearms much more effective, you’ll be able to shoot for longer, reload faster and hit harder, more accurately and through multiple enemies. Walker is the way to go here because he naturally has increased Damage and can improve accuracy even further with headshots.

You’ll probably want to run an LMG with this deck as it’ll get the most out of increased Ammo Capacity, Damage and Reload Speed. Ideally an M249 with a Fast AP Mag, Extended AP Mag or Fast Extended Mag attachment.

Do not rush though as running all these cards gives you a hefty stamina efficiency penalty. Instead, stand your ground and mow them down. Speaking of penalties, you’ll also lose your ability to Aim Down Sights(ADS) and lose access to all support accessories so no healing or pain meds. Make sure your team look after you!

Cumulative Perks:

+100% Reload Speed, +150% Ammo Capacity (+180% for Rifle Ammo), +100% Accuracy, +300% Bullet Penetration, Up to +80% Damage Dealt (+90% for ARs and LMGs).

-60% Stamina Efficiency, Disabled ADS, Disabled Support Accessories.

Melee Bruiser

This deck makes melee weapons hit harder and makes you live longer. Run Holly with this deck for her starting with the baseball bat and having stamina regen upon getting kills as well as natural damage resistance.

The decks main features are buffing up your Melee Damage, Melee Speed and improving your Health and Damage Resistance. Being in melee range puts you right in the middle of the fight and you want to be able to take getting smacked in the face without dying immediately. Popping Pain Meds drives your survivability up massively as well as boosting your damage output! With berserker, the more you kill the stronger you become so jump into all the fights headfirst!

One notable drawback of this deck is the disabled sprint, this is a non-issue 90% of the time due to the fact that most zombies will come to you to eat your face. The flipside being that 100% of your stamina will be for swinging the melee weapon you choose. The deck also gives you one hefty Ammo Capacity penalty. I’d keep a high power sniper rifle for dealing with those pesky stingers that won’t come into melee range. They don’t use many bullets anyway and it’s an ammo type most people have plenty spare of.

Cumulative Perks:

+150% Melee Damage, +70% Melee Attack Speed, +50% Melee Stamina Efficiency, +40 Health, +40% Trauma Resistance.

-60% Ammo Capacity, Disabled Sprint, Disabled ADS.

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