Tuesday 17th May 2022


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Greetings all, a warm welcome to JustASorcerer.com. My name is Josh and I’m started this blog as a personal outlet where I ramble about things in video games that I find interesting. At first, I aimed to cover strategies and tips as well as talk about Lore and review ideas explored in series such as Dark Souls, The Elder Scrolls, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and many more! Now I’ve expanded into opening my own online gaming accessory store right here as well! I hope you enjoy your time here! Thanks for visiting!

Disclaimer: JustASorcerer.com nor myself are in any way affiliated with any game developer or company. The reviews and guides presented here are purely my own experience and understanding. Game-Specific information comes from the relevant Fextralife Wiki sources and in game. I am a Fextralife user and contributor but I am not being paid to suggest visiting their pages, I simply find them easy to use and believe my readers will as well.

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