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5 Ways to Play: Monster Hunter: World

September 14, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer
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I started Playing Monster Hunter waaaay back when PSP’s were a thing and Monster Hunter Freedom was a new release. I’ve played every western iteration since then to high or G-rank at least. I ADORE THIS GAME. It has to be said though, the gear and skills can be a tad confusing and even overwhelming. Fear not dear readers, I have some ideas I hope you’ll find easy to understand, easy to attain and fun to play. Enjoy!

Note: Nobody likes farming for jewels, and I’m not at that point in the game myself yet. So I’m going to try and make these builds without them. I’m around the end of High Rank at time of writing.

#1 The Heavy Hitter (DPS)


This is my personal build. It kicks out the most raw damage out of any weapon type at my point in the game. I use Heavy Bowgun but this build can work with anything. It also comes with loads of slots for decorations as you get them. Feel Free to change the charm for anything you prefer as well. As all the skills come from the pieces and the 1 Free attack jewel you get. The hardest part of this set to get is the helmet as you will need a Nergigante Gem. You’ll also need a Rathalos Ruby for the chest but you can buy one from the Elder Melder for one Gold Ticket.

Weapon: Any (1 Slot weapons help)

Head: Nergigante Alpha

Body: Rathalos Beta

Arms: Kaiser(Teostra) Beta

Waist: Nergigante Beta

Legs: Nergigante Alpha

Charm: Attack Boost III


  • Nergigante Hunger
  • Attack Boost 7 (slot the free attack jewel)
  • Weakness Exploit 3
  • Maximum Might 3
  • Agitator 1

#2 The Total Stunner (Support/CC)


This build is one of my favourites in past games too. The idea is to do the normal hammer playstyle of sticking to the head of a monster and going for the KO but now you have added paralysis damage to really keep them locked in place. I’ve chained Para-KO-Para at the starts of hunts before and in a 2 man party it really gives a chance to do some big damage. You can totally strip a monster of breakable parts in that time. Great for Farming!

Weapon: Great Girros Hammer

Head: Vespoid Alpha

Body: Diablos Beta

Arms: Vespoid Alpha

Waist: Lavasioth Beta

Legs: Diablos Alpha

Charm: Stamina Thief III


  • Diablos Mastery (Bludgeoner)
  • Slugger 3
  • Paralysis Attack 3
  • Stamina Thief 3
  • Quick Sheath 3
  • Tremor Resist 2

#3 The Sleep Bomber (Support/DPS)


This build capitalises on the very popular sleep bombing method where you take advantage of the doubled damage on a sleeping monster. Bring plenty of Barrel Bombs and materials to make more. As well as Materials for Blast and Sleep Coatings for the bow. Gigacles has boosted Sleep damage naturally and coupled with your sleep attack charm you’ll easily get 2-3 sleeps in a hunt depending on the monster. When the monster sleeps, place bombs near it’s head or other weakpoint and shoot the bombs but not the monster to trigger the wake up. Blast Attack works to up your damage with blast coatings after you’ve bombed the monster a few times.

Weapon: Gigacles Bow

Head: Strategist Alpha

Body: Zorah Beta

Arms: Dodogama Beta

Waist: Zorah Beta

Legs: Zorah Beta

Charm: Sleep Attack III


  • Zorah Magraros Mastery (Critical Status)
  • Bombadier 3
  • Sleep Attack 3
  • Blast Attack 2
  • Critical Eye 2
  • Fortify

#4 The Friendly Swine (Support)


Hungry for ‘Shrooms? This build is so wacky but undeniably interesting to play. It makes use of Mushroomancer to allow you to eat normally unusable mushrooms and get powerful effects out of them. Couple that with Wide Range and all your fellow hunters will get all the benefits of your fungus munching ways. Speed eating means all your food and mushrooms get used much faster, this could save you or your teammate’s life in a pinch.

Weapon: Any (use water element SnS for max synergy)

Head: Mosswine Mask Alpha

Body: Deviljho Beta

Arms: Dober Alpha

Waist: Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Alpha

Legs: Deviljho Beta

Charm: Wide-Range III


  • Mushroomancer 3 (best skill 10/10)
  • Speed Eating 3
  • Wide Range 5
  • Stamina Surge 2
  • Water Attack 1 (by-product of tzitzi waist)

#5 Early High Rank (DPS)


This was my Build for Early High-Rank before I killed Nergigante. Gives you some decent attack skills and just all around makes your hunting life easier.

Weapon: Any

Head: Kulu-Ya-Ku Beta

Body: Bone Alpha

Arms: Bone Alpha

Waist: Jagras Alpha

Legs: Kulu-Ya-Ku Alpha

Charm: Attack Charm 3


  • Attack Boost 5
  • Weakness Exploit 1
  • Fortify
  • Speed Eating 1
  • Critical Eye 1
  • Slugger 1

Please feel free to share your builds in a comment! I hope you found something interesting or helpful here! See you next week with another 5 Ways to Play!

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