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5 Ways To Play: Divinity Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

October 12, 2018 by Josh | JustASorcerer

You want Dungeons & Dragons without having to physically meet up in a play group? Or just fancy a really decent top down roleplaying adventure? Divinity Original Sin 2 has something for you. In this “5 Ways to Play” I’m going to share some character builds that in my experience have been either very powerful or very flavourful to play. Enjoy!

Update: I’ve made a part 2 for this game! Find it here!

Note: With Definitive Edition, Lone Wolf is no longer massively overpowered. So all the builds I present here are given without it. However, feel free to adapt and change them to your liking.

#1 The Blazing Champion


I adore this build, it feels really powerful and works really well if you chose The Red Prince as your character. You’ll be up close, drawing aggro and generally burning the absolute crap out of everything and everyone. Have fun!


I chose The Red Prince for mine because his source skill “Demonic Stare” works well with the build, stripping an enemy of Magic Armor and granting to you instead. His quest also grants you a very very good ring for this build. Be sure to get it. In addition, with a Lizard‘s natural 10% fire resist it makes it just that much easier to push above 100% fire resist in the late game. This in turn makes it possible for you to actually heal when you take fire damage. However, you could choose a Human character and take advantage of their increased critical chance and critical damage for maximum damage output.

Major Skills:

Pyrokinetic 10

  • Peace of Mind
  • Fireball
  • Sparking Swings
  • Ignition
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Supernova

Scoundrel 10

  • Adrenaline
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Wind-up Toy

Two-Handed 10

  • Extra Critical Chance with all skills
  • Extra Damage with Staff-based attacks

Minor Skills:

Warfare 3

  • Battering Ram
  • Phoenix Dive
  • Whirlwind
  • Blitz Attack
  • Thick of the Fight

Polymorph 2

  • Bull Rush
  • Spread your Wings
  • Bleed Fire
  • Flaming Skin


  1. Executioner (Character Creation)
  2. Elemental Affinity (Level 3)
  3. Opportunist (Level 8)
  4. Savage Sortilege (Level 13)
  5. Demon (Level 18)
  6. Hothead (Level 23)


Grab any fire element staff for your weapon, warfare skills automatically use whatever element your staff is to calculate damage so you’ll be dishing out fire damage left and right! Stack Fire Resistance on your equipment to get over 100% and heal from fire. Pair with Flaming Skin(Poly/Pyro source skill) to get an additional 100% fire resist. On my playthrough at Arx I cap out at 215%. Which means ANY fire damage heals you for 115% of it’s original damage. Low on health? Supernova and kill everything around you and heal to full.

#2 The Wildcard


This build can really make the most of any given situation using the Incarnate Champion. If adaptability is something you really want and having an answer to everything, this build is for you!


I picked Lohse for this build, but any race can work. Lohse’s Maddening Song source-skill really turns the chaos factor on in a fight as enemies will fight each other as well as you. Lohse really drives home the randomness with her theme being a Mystic and Jester I felt like this build suited her perfectly.

Major Skills:

Summoning 10

  • Conjure Incarnate
  • Power Infusion
  • Farsight Infusion
  • Shadow Infusion
  • Warp Infusion
  • Fire & Necrofire Infusion
  • Electric & Cursed Electric Infusion
  • Poison & Acid Infusion
  • Water & Blessed Ice Infusion
  • Dimensional Bolt & Ethereal Storm
  • Summon Inner Demon

Minor Skills:

Pyrokinetic 2

  • Haste
  • Peace of Mind

Aerothurge 2

  • Teleportation
  • Nether Swap

Geomancer 2

  • Fortify
  • Mend Metal

Hydrosophist 2

  • Armor of Frost
  • Soothing Cold


  1. Mnemonic (Character Creation)
  2. Comeback Kid (Level 3)
  3. Morning Person (Level 8)
  4. Glass Cannon (Level 13)
  5. Unstable (Level 18)
  6. Far Out Man (Level 23)


Early on I suggest picking one or two elements and sticking to those while you raise summoning. You’ll need a lot of memory for this build, I mean a LOT of memory. 30 or so should be enough to slot all the skills. The rest of your points can go into intelligence to drive up the power of Ethereal Storm because oh boy, is it fun to use. You’ll want to summon and buff your incarnate outside of combat if possible, and spend the fight supporting it. You have almost every support skill in the game at your disposal so you can either make you incarnate impossible to kill or help your allies if they have status afflictions. You can also opt to change your incarnate’s element on the fly so make the most of your enemies weaknesses.

#3 The Sourcerer


Wanna unleash the most powerful spells in truly Godwoken fashion? This build is for you. It uses every elemental skill line and can absolutely decimate enemies late game regardless of their resistances.


Hands down Human is the best for this build, you need Initiative, Critical Chance and Critical Damage to do as much damage as you can before the enemy gets to respond. I can strongly recommend Fane for this build as his Source Skill “Time Warp” lets you take another turn immediately after your current one. What that effectively enables you to do is go absolutely nuts with source skills late game. It also hugely fits his character I think.

Major Skills:

Pyrokinetic 5

  • Fireball
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Fire Whip
  • Laser Ray
  • Epidemic of Fire
  • Meteor Shower

Geomancer 5

  • Fossil Strike
  • Impalement
  • Worm Tremors
  • Earthquake
  • Acid Spores
  • Pyroclastic Eruption

Hydrosophist 5

  • Hail Strike
  • Winter Blast
  • Ice Fan
  • Global Cooling
  • Ice Breaker
  • Hailstorm

Aerothurge 5

  • Electric Discharge
  • Dazing Bolt
  • Shocking Touch
  • Closed Circuit
  • Chain Lightning
  • Thunderstorm

Minor Skills:

Polymorph 10

  • Terrain Transmutation
  • Skin Graft
  • Apotheosis


  1. Elemental Affinity (Character Creation)
  2. Mnemonic (Level 3)
  3. Far Out Man (Level 8)
  4. Savage Sortilege (Level 13)
  5. Glass Cannon (Level 18)
  6. Hothead (Level 23)


Buff up before combat with things like encourage and peace of mind, then go in, cast apotheosis and unleash a source skill to start combat, you’ll then have a full AP bar with glass cannon and plenty of free source skills. Use two, cast time warp, get second turn, use skin graft and use them again! Your enemies should be dead before they can react. If for whatever reason they aren’t, play dead until the next round and go again! If you can work in Adrenaline from scoundrel, Fane’s Source skill “Time Warp” effectively nullifies the AP penalty from adrenaline, be sure to use it!

#4 The Storm Rider


This build is for those of you who want to play super safe as towards the end game you’ll be untouchable and do so much Air damage it’s unreal.


Dwarf works best for this build as they have increased dodging and vitality for extra survivability. I chose Beast for this build in my playthrough as his Source Skill “Blinding Squall” not only scales off Aerothurge but also inflicts blind which makes you even harder to hit.


  • Try to get gear with Aerothurge bonus or gear that boosts Air Resistance. Armor of the Eternals is an amazing choice for this build.
  • Dual Air Wands to make the most of your basic attack, should you be Silenced.

Major Skills:

Aerothurge 10

  • Electric Discharge
  • Dazing Bolt
  • Blinding Radiance
  • Tornado
  • Superconductor

Huntsman 10

  • First Aid
  • Farsight
  • Evasive Aura
  • Erratic Wisp
  • Tactical Retreat

Dual-Wielding 10

  • Extra Dodge Chance
  • Extra Damage with Dual Air Wands

Minor Skills:

Scoundrel 2

  • Adrenaline
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Smoke Cover

Necromancer 2

  • Vacuum Touch
  • Vacuum Aura
  • Raining Blood

Hydrosophist 1

  • Rain


  1. Far Out Man (Character Creation)
  2. Parry Master (Level 3)
  3. Elemental Affinity (Level 8)
  4. Savage Sortilege (Level 13)
  5. Stench (Level 18)
  6. Hothead (Level 23)

Note: Although this build is Air Damage focused, consider dropping some points into strength for the Armor of the Eternals. It makes you immune to electrical status effects like Shocked and Stunned, plus it comes built in with 20% Air Resistance. 


A true Storm rider gets out of harm’s way up high in the clouds and rains down high voltage thunderbolts from on high…you get high ground bonus ok? That’s a decent 50% extra damage at 10 huntsman plus with things like tactical retreat and farsight you’ll have full range of attack targets. You can even snipe people with your dual Air wands. If for whatever reason an enemy catches up to you, pop skills like evasive aura or erratic wisp and get out of there. Teleport them away from you back to ground level and keep raining thunder. If that doesn’t work Blinding squall/radiance coupled with your already boosted dodge chance should keep you out of harms way. You can also quite literally throw caution to the wind and using your super high air resist and dodge chance jump in to the fight and go nuts with closed circuit and superconductor.

#5 The Blood Mage


This build is for all our dedicated Healers out there. You know who you are and we LOVE you! Using healing magic and blood spells means this character is very hard to kill in normal combat outside of being one-shot. Late game you’ll be doing the one-shotting with spells like Grasp of the Starved and Blood Storm.

Race: I picked Sebille for my Blood Mage. Elf works really well with flesh sacrifice plus Sebille’s unique “Break the Shackles” source skill ensures you don’t lose your turn as a healer turned heavy damage dealer.

Major Skills:

Hydrosophist 10

  • Restoration
  • Healing Ritual
  • Cleanse Wounds
  • Mass Cleanse Wounds
  • Armor of Frost
  • Soothing Cold
  • Arcane Stitch
  • Steam Lance

Warfare 10

  • Battle Stomp
  • Battering Ram
  • Whirlwind
  • Provoke
  • Guardian Angel

Minor Skills:

Necromancer 3

  • Raining Blood
  • Grasp of the Starved
  • Blood Storm
  • Blood Sucker
  • Decaying Touch

Huntsman 2

  • First Aid
  • Tactical Retreat


  1. Leech (Character Creation)
  2. Elemental Affinity (Level 3)
  3. Living Armor (Level 8)
  4. Picture of Health (Level 13)
  5. Opportunist (Level 18)
  6. Far Out Man (Level 23)


You are the party healer. Staff in hand, you take up the role of a Cleric turned Necromancer. Start the fight with Flesh Sacrifice to trigger Elemental Affinity for Necromancer skills. Cast Blood Storm to obliterate enemy Physical Armor and cause Disease and Decayed which means you can cast restoration on an enemy to wither their health bar even further.

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