Thursday 7th July 2022

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Fallout 4 Build – The Captain

The Captain Swab the decks and hoist the main sail, this build is for any pirate enthusiasts with an affinity for Cannons, Hoarding Treasure or sending filthy landlubbers to Davey Jones' Locker. Your fearsome pirate nature lets you control others an

Fallout 4 Build – The Laser Lover

The Laser Lover Alright, this one is a personal favourite. I think laser weapons are really really cool. This was the build I made when I first finished Fallout 4 and I've remade it twice over. The idea here is to drive up your critical damage with

Fallout 4 Build – The Wasteland Warrior

The Wasteland Warrior Grognak has nothing on you! This build will make you a walking tank and a real heavy hitting combatant! You fly around be battlefield decapitating foes as you go with the Deathclaw Gauntlet or Grognak's Axe! Ever feel like unle