VGC Day 25 – What Is Your Comfort Game?

Merry Monday guys! Sometimes I don’t wanna explore new lands or grind for super rare weapons, I just want to chill out, maybe with some friends and just enjoy myself.

Here’s a link back to the master list of questions and blog links: 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 25 – What is your comfort game?

Dark Souls 3

Yup! I know it’s not really what you’d call a low-stress option. But I’ve played ds3 so many times at this point that it’s just fun to go through and enjoy. If you want to try a new playthrough then I maybe check out my 5 Ways to Play on Dark Souls 3? A new playstyle might be just what you need to keep the game fresh!

I love playing a sorcerer in souls games as it suits my high power ranged damage dealer playstyle. I also really love PvP in dark souls, it’s just enough to keep me focussed but comfortable enough that I can sort of autopilot it.

What games do you guys love to just chill out on? Let me know in the comments! Cheers for reading!


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