VGC Day 20 – What Is The Most Ridiculous Quest You’ve Patiently Finished In A Game?

Happy Wednesday friends! Only 10 days left of the video game challenge, I’m really enjoying it so far, hope you guys are too!

Here’s a link back to the master list of questions and blog links: 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 20 – What is the most ridiculous quest you’ve patiently completed in a game?

Counting Your Chickens – Divinity Original Sin 2 – Act 2

Divinity has some pretty whacky quests on it’s own, but when you have the Pet Pal talent, you can speak to animals and really get to experience the game’s humour, this particular quest had us deliver a mutant chick to the Magical Rooster after it slaughtered it’s mother and family.

Yeah, real bizarro quest. Fun though! We ended up killing the baby chick before he mutated further and went on a rampage. Quests with animals definitely make for some good stories and great laughs!

What quests have you guys got fond memories of? Let me know in the comments! Cheers for reading!


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