5 Things I do to Deal with Anxiety & Depressive Thoughts

Hey guys, been a while, Today, I wanted to talk about something I’ve struggled with for a long time and a few ways that’ve helped me cope and just “do adult”.

I, like a lot of other people, experience anxiety most strongly when I’m alone or about to go to sleep. Living alone, that’s more often than not. Bear in mind when I say I “experience” anxiety, that can include anything from discomfort in a given situation to a full blown anxiety attack.

Also, I want to be fully transparent and say that this is just what works for me. I didn’t write this with the intention of a “do this and you’ll be cured” article. I just want to share my experience in the hope it can potentially help somebody facing similar issues. With that said:

#1 Steady your Breathing

Feeling overwhelmed a lot is common when dealing with anxiety, if you can step back and take as few as 10 deep breaths you’re already taking physical steps to feel more grounded.

#2 Remember: This Will Pass

Anxious and depressive thoughts come about as a combination of internal chemistry and external stimuli. Both of these things can change over time. Learning to remember that these feelings come and go just the same as being hungry is a comforting thing for me. Speaking of food,

#3 Make/Eat a Good Meal

Even if you can only manage a sandwich or some cheese on toast, that small accomplishment not only gives your body back some vital nutrition but can help you feel better if you feel lacking in self-confidence. Remember to drink water too! Being hydrated does so much good for your body it’s incredible. I know it sounds like an obvious thing but depression can make you forget to eat and drink. Keep topped up!

#4 Listen to some Music

Preferably something upbeat but whatever makes you bop along to the beat or sing out loud even a little bit. Music you enjoy makes your brain produce the happy chemicals. And the more of those you have, the less depressed you feel. Science!

#5 Have a Cold Shower

Having a cold shower might seem like the worst possible thing you can willingly inflict upon yourself when you’re in a bad mood. But trust me, if you can force yourself under that cold water for even a few seconds you’ve not only triggered your body into fight mode which forces it to make you more energy but it helps with that sort of “I can do this” mentality.

That has been 5 Ways I cope with my personal mental issues. I hope it’s been some use someone out there. If you’re feeling down or just looking for someone to vent to, my socials are at the bottom of every article I write. My inbox is always open.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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