Update: What’s Going On?

Hey guys, long time no speak, I just wanted to quickly go over what’s going on with the blog and what my plans are moving forward.

So, I hate that this is becoming something I’m saying in every post but apologies once again for the lack of posts. I’m trying to write up some posts on Resident Evil but I’m stuck with trying to get them structured properly.

Also I’ve personally been really stressed out recently and finding time to work on things I do enjoy has been minimal at best.

Having said that, I feel like I’m finally turning a corner. I’ve got my structure finally visualised and hopefully you’ll start to see more regular content again soon.

As mentioned before I’ve got a bunch to say about Resident Evil. Primarily RE7, but I’ll very likely talk about some of the others. I’ve also got loads of recipes I want to share with you all including an experimental one!

I was also considering dabbling in reviewing some card/board games, although I know next to nothing about them and I’d really like to get more involved!

Thanks for hanging in there guys! I promise I’ll do my very best to bring you my very best! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Update: What’s Going On?

    1. Ouch! That’s a long day. Sometimes after doing a shift and making myself dinner I just wanna put my brain to sleep rather than write a bunch. Or I’ll do things and forget to get pics so I can write about it?


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